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Welcome To The Department of Public Safety Clan Website 


We operate on the streets on Los Santos to protect and serve in the name of the law. Unlike some clans, we take our work very seriously and do not take immaturity, foolishness or disrespect. We currently operate on the PlayStation 4 console. We expect people who join to be active in the clan, whether the Commissioner is online or not. We are the largest, most experienced, and most professional role-playing community on PlayStation Network. Our Community has been founded since 2008.

DPS shows no favoritism to any member, department or sub division with our clan. Our F.T.O division has extensive training in making sure you are prepared to join patrols with confidence and that you know what to do and how to do it safely. We have an extensive 10 code list that we provide each member at training.

All Command Staff at DPS have a no bullying policy, so that all members are happy and feel safe at DPS. If this sounds like something you would like in roleplay experience, then LSPD is the clan for you.

Our members are highly trained in their duties, and we have the most sophisticated roleplay out of all of the police clans on this game, with PS4. The D.P.S would like to announce we are hiring for newly released crooks detachment! You can apply to either to be a police officer, sheriff, firefighter & pandemic, state trooper, civilians.

Our members bring in their real life experience into the community for others to learn and to create a realistic environment. We currently have 15+ members and looking to recruit new members. if you are looking for a professional and realistic community, our community whether you take interest in law enforcement, fire & ems, dispatching or just being a civilian. 

We created a entire system for all members to use, that includes a Virtual Banking System, DMV, and other features. Members can earn virtual money for being active in the community, good behavior, referring members to the community and for services they provide. In return they can use that money to purchase new registrations, purchase properties through San Andreas County and Los Santos. They can live their role-play life, pay for fines. Officers will write reports for the calls they go on, such as crashes, incidents and arrests. Officers will also issue citations (tickets) for civilians and in return the civilian will have to pay for that fine using the money, earned in roleplaying.   

We hope that you will consider to start your roleplay career with us.  

Thank You for visiting our website and for your interest in us and have a great day.

DPSClan is the #1 Professional Friendly Community. DPSClan's future is bright than ever, be apart of our roleplaying community.

Join Today!  

DPSClan Aims:

  • Member Happiness
  • Member Relations
  • Member Satisfaction  

We are hiring! If you would to like to apply to be a cop or a civilian please go to   http://libertycitytaskforceclan.webs.com/submitanapplication.htm

Official Requirements

  • You must have a Copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 for PlayStation 4 System.
  • You must have PlayStation Plus Membership.
  • You must be at least 13 years or older to join.
  • You must have a PlayStation 4 Compatible Headset.
  • You must display a mature, professional and respectful attitude towards other members.
  • You must be willing to follow the Rules & Regulations.  

Dispatch Requirements

  • You must have a computer near you that is connected to the internet.
  • You must have a Google Account to gain access towards the Database.

Recruitment Process:

  • 1) Submit an application to the Human Resources Department. Allow at least 24-48 hours for an HR officer to review your application.
  • 2) Conduct interview with HR Officer in a PS4 Party Chat. 
  • 3) Finalized recruitment stages. (HR will determine if you are accepted or denied.)

We don't hire kids. We hire people that can be mature and intelligent.

How to Join the Clan. 

In order to join us, you have to:

1. Join our website and create a member profile.
Make sure you use your PlayStation Network ID ONLY as your display name, not anything like "John Doe" or full names.

Make sure you provide accurate, true information.

If you can't do that, that's why you'll get deleted. Click here register. If you already have an account with a Webs-hosted Website, you only need to sign in.

2. Send an Application.(The Application Form Is Open)

3. Get trained and educated about the clan.

4. Listen to all higher ranks within the possible time in the community.

5. Don't Complain about the community 'cause we don't care, it's free to you, and no one's forcing you to be here.

6. You must stay active with the clan to stay in it. Inactivity isn't tolerated.